Oriol Saladrigues


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Pulsation Irrégulière: Proposition d'une Notation (2009)

Thesis Master I under the direction of Horacio Vaggione
This text is an introduction to a notation based on the superposition of rhythmic values as part as my research on the control of rhythmic irregularity.
In the second part, I analized my piece Inclinations vers l'Instable for Cello solo, in which I used this notation.
The text includes the score of this work, which later has been edited by Maison Ona.
PDF file (text in french)

Aspects Formels et Perceptifs d'un Environnement Rythmique fondé sur la Pulsation Irrégulière (2010)

Thesis Master II under the direction of Horacio Vaggione
Here I explored more deeply some possible ways to work on irregularity and rhythmic granularity as well as how does our hearing reacts to subtle rhythmic deviations. To develop this research, I made some psychoacoustic tests whose results are detailed in the second part of the text.
PDF file (text in french)

Roma, una ciudad en los oídos (2013)

This article is part of the Guía psicogeográfica de Roma: 16 mapas para perderse, writen by the artists in residence at the Spanish Academy in Rome.
The text gives an explanation of the term écoute réduite introduced by Pierre Schaeffer in his Traité des Objets Musicaux (Paris, Editions du Seuil, 1966) and proposes some locations in the city of Rome in which I think the experience of listening may have a special interest.
PDF file (text in spanish)